How Process to e-verify ITR

What are Income Tax and Income Tax Returns?

The process of filing your income tax returns is very important as only then will you be able to receive any income tax benefits, deduction or exemptions on your income tax according to its nature. Tax refunds are provided to people who have paid taxes on which there is a certain deduction or they have paid an extra amount of tax that was not needed. The income tax department processes the income tax filing, income tax returns filing as well as income tax returns verification. Individuals who receive an income are supposed to file for the income tax and they have to do it within the due date. Income tax returns have to be filed in order to be eligible to receive the refunds. NRIs are also to pay income taxes but they have to do it only for the income that they have generated within India and not in the country that they reside in.

E-Verify ITR

  1. E-Verify ITR via Aadhar Card
  2. E-Verify ITR via Net Banking

E verification of income tax return through Aadhar Card

The process of e-verification of ITR can be done by linking your Aadhar card to it. There are two processes under it that you need to follow:

  • Aadhar card linkage
  • Verification through Aadhar card

Aadhar card linkage:

  • You need to log in into the e filing website for the first step of the Aadhar card linking.
  • After logging in, you will be able to view a pop up that will ask you to process the linking of your Aadhar card number with you ITR e – filing account. In case you are not able to view any pop up, you can go to the profile settings and then click on the button that says “link Aadhar”.
  • Now, check if the details of your PAN card are correct and enter your Aadhar card number into it.
  • Save in the details by clicking on the button that says “save”.
  • The linkage of your Aadhar card to your Income Tax Return e – filing account will be successful after the validation.

Verification through Aadhar card:

  • Now, for the process of the verification, you have to upload your income tax returns onto the e – filing website.
  • The next step is that you have to select one of the options that you will be asked out of the following:
  • I would like to generate Aadhaar OTP to e-Verify my return.
  • I already have an EVC to e-verify my return.
  • I do not have an EVC and would like to generate EVC to e – Verify my return.
  • I would like to send ITR-V/I would like to e-verify later.


  • The option which you have to select in order to complete the process is ““I would like to generate Aadhaar OTP to e-Verify my return”.
  • You will be receiving an OTP. This one – time password will be received by you through your SMS and/or your e mail ID. You have to fill in the OTP in the designated area and be as quick as possible as OTPs expire within a matter of minutes.
  • Submit the details after entering the OTP.
  • Now, you will receive a message that will read “Return successfully e – verified”.
  • After that, you have to download the acknowledgement. You will also receive the acknowledgement on your registered e mail ID account, so check there as well.

E verification of income tax return through net banking

Your income tax returns can be verified through net banking as well, so check the following steps for the same:

  • To verify your income tax returns through net banking, the first step in the process that you need to do is you need to log – in into your net banking account.
  • Now, you have to click on the button that reads “e filing”. Doing this will direct you to the income tax department’s website.
  • After that, click on “view returns/forms” to see the tax returns which were e – filed.
  • Now, you have to select an option that you will be able to view on the screen. The option will read as “click here to view your returns pending for e verification”.
  • After that, you need to click on “e – verify”.
  • You will be able to view a pop up window that will appear on your screen. It will have an option saying “continue” that you have to click on.
  • Doing this will generate EVC (a 10 digit code including alphabets and numbers) and then your ITR will be verified.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to you that you will be able to view on the screen. Along with the message, you will also get the EVC code as well as the transaction ID.
    You will, now, get a confirmation message which will be displayed on your computer screen along with a transaction ID and the EVC code.
  • Now, you will be able to view an option which reads “download”. You have to click on it so that the attachment can be downloaded. This attachment will be proof and show that your income tax returns have been successfully verified.
  • Now, the process of your income tax return verification is successfully completed along with the proof.

Follow any one of the above processes which is the most suitable to you and carefully follow each step to complete the process smoothly without skipping any part. Every individual who has filed for income tax returns has to E-Verify ITR. Before you start the process of the verification of your income tax returns, you have to file your income tax returns which have two steps that you need to follow:

  • Income Tax Returns online upload
  • Income Tax Returns online preparation & submission

After completing these steps, you can E-Verify ITR to complete the entire process.